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We have put together a number of small tutorials to help with our customers' understanding of some basic telephone system technical concepts.

Digital Telephone System
VoIP Telephone System
VoIP vs. Digital
66 Punch Blocks
Cross Connects
Power Over Ethernet
Patch Panel
RJ Connectors
Butt Set


Some of the manufacturers whose products we represent...

The Ericsson-LG 24-button display VoIP phone

Ericsson-LG manufactures a comprehensive line of quality business telephone systems. For customers needing the most features and highest flexibility, we offer the iPECS-LIK VoIP (voice over IP) system. Depending on the model selected, it can include up to 1,200 ports with practically any combination of lines, including analog CO's, PRI/T1 and SIP trunks, and digital and/or analog extensions.


The new Ericsson-LG iPECS 30-button digital phone.

Ericsson-LG also makes a simpler, more cost-effective solution - the new iPECS eMG80 digital system, the replacement for the LDK. The basic system will do 4 lines, 8 digital extensions, and 4 analog extensions. A single cabinet can expand up to 3 times that amount. VoIP and PRI/T1 cards can be added.

The Vertical 24-button digital telephone.

Vertical (formerly Vodavi) is shipping the brand new Summit digital system, the replacement for the SBX system. Like the SBX, the Summit allows many Vodavi owners to upgrade their system while retaining the use of their existing Vodavi phones. The Summit includes many of the features found on the iPECS system, including voice mail to email.

Intermedia cloud-based phone service.

Image Electronics provides hosted PBX VoIP phone services through Intermedia, which means that the actual phone system is provided by Intermedia along with your connection to the phone company. Call us for more information on this new phone system alternative.

MOBOTIX i25 360-degree camera.

Image Electronics is now a Registered MOBOTIX Partner. Talk to us about the amazing capabilities of these 360 degree cameras.

The Phybridge Uniphyer base unit.

The Phybridge system allows VoIP phones systems to operate on existing category 3 telephone cabling.

Read an article published by Phrbridge on an Image Electronics installation.

The RHUB TurboMeeting web conferencing server.

The RHUB TurboMeeting web conferencing server allows for mulitple-party conferencing over telephone and/or computer.

DESI label for an iPECS phone.

Download DESI's free software and create your own phone labels. Blank labels for your phone type are available for purchase directly from DESI. Contact us if you need help finding the correct labels for your phone type.


See our list of discontinued inventory for sale.

We have a wide assortment of Panasonic, Vodavi, and Vertical KSUs, phones, and cards available to help you keep those old systems going. There is also a Zultys system never installed as well as a few of other pieces.

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