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We have put together a number of small tutorials to help with our customers' understanding of some basic telephone system technical concepts.

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Mid-Continent Tower

The article below was published in the Phybridge company newsletter as an example installation of their product.

Multiple tenants in this 36-story skyscraper migrated to IP Telephony with ease - so can you!

The Mid-Continent Tower - located in the heart of downtown Tulsa - is one of the tallest buildings in Oklahoma, and is the home of some of the most distinguished business locations. Executives wanted to update the phone system for several building-specific departments - such as security, engineering, and leasing - to a VoIP system, but their offices ranged from the basement to the 36th floor. The customer did not think they would be able to economically migrate to a VoIP platform until Image Electronics, a technology service provider in the Tulsa area - introduced them to Phybridge! The Phybridge solution eliminated all barriers for the customer, greatly reducing costs, risk and disruption while optimizing the VoIP LAN platform.

The Phybridge data switch innovation delivers Ethernet and Power over a single pair of telephony-grade wire with 1,200 ft reach. It was designed specifically to allow customers to transform their existing voice infrastructure into an IP path with power ideal for IP Telephony deployment. Customers are optimizing their LAN topology with the greatest level of flexibility, moving the voice and data convergence point from every desktop with the IP phone acting as a switch for the data device to a single point in the main closet if required.

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