Brian Eaves, Herald Givens, and Mike Doughty, December, 2013.


The Image phone system and test systems.

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We have put together a number of small tutorials to help with our customers' understanding of some basic telephone system technical concepts.

Digital Telephone System
VoIP Telephone System
VoIP vs. Digital
66 Punch Blocks
Cross Connects
Power Over Ethernet
Patch Panel
RJ Connectors
Butt Set


Image Electronics was established in 1991 by Herald Givens. Originally installing a wide variety of electronics, including home audio/video, satellite TV, intercom, nurse call, and intraoral camera systems, Herald eventually focused all his efforts on business telephone systems, becoming a Panasonic DBS dealer.

In late 2013, Herald decided to hang up his phone and retire. He found a couple of guys with nearly 45 years of telecommunications experience between them to take over the helm. In January, 2014, Brian Eaves and Mike Doughty purchased Image Electronics from Herald, bringing the same attention to detail and enthusiasm that Herald built his reputation on.

We will maintain the same level of service you've come to expect from Herald over the years. Whether you need a phone replaced or a whole phone system, we're still just a call away.

Image Electronics keeps several active phone systems operational for the purpose of testing equipment and features. Most of the systems we have in the field that have been installed over the years are represented on our test bench. These include a Panasonic 824, Vodavi XTSc and STS, iPECS LDK, the new iPECS eMG80, and two separate iPECS VoIP systems (in the rack). Our system is set up with a PRI, and we can also test with analog CO's and SIP trunks. Extensive patching allows us to test phone sets and other devices with any of the systems quickly and easily, either on the bench or at our desks.

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